I Press On

Philippians 3:3-14

As you look forward to celebrating a brand-new year are you looking forward to “Pressing On” to new and exciting times, or are you looking backwards to 2017? As followers of Jesus Christ, we should always be moving forward and looking for ways to serve Him. Find out how as we look at Paul's life to find the balance of looking backward and looking forward.

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An Exegesis on Christmas Carols

This Christmas Season we take a close look at our Christmas Carols that are so rich & profound in their lyrics that point to the message of Christ in the Bible.

The Church: What it is... Why does it matter?

Today many Evangelicals voice concerns about the Church... Is it relevant, even necessary? Why not live out individualized forms of Christianity tailored to personal beliefs and pursue their relationship with Jesus as they see fit? Even those who don't ask these questions demonstrate their doubts in actions... do they go to church at all or only if it meets their needs. They call themselves Christians and say they love Jesus but not the Church. In this series called "The Church: What It Is...Why Does It Matter?" we'll explore this questions and more.

The Problem of Suffering

This is a topic that touches everyone's life. Russ begins a 2-Part Sermon Series on "The Problem of Suffering". Part 1 begins in Job 1:6-2:8 looking at his severe trials and suffering. The Book of Job asks the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Part 2 James 1:2-4 looks at suffering in the Christian life and how God uses it in our lives today… Why He does it, how He does it and how we’re supposed to respond to it in.

Lies We Believe About God

Over the summer we started a new series on "LIES We Believe About GOD". Each week we will looked at a different lie beginning with "Wisdom for Life Resides in Credentialed Professionals".

Freedom From Sin

Romans 6:16-20

We just celebrated 4th of July...
Freedom, Independence... have you thought about what it means? Russ encourages us to THINK about what FREEDOM FROM SIN really means to us.

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A Study on Galatians

The end of last September we started "A Study on Galatians". We just finished an outstanding journey through the ninth book of the New Testament, a letter from Paul the Apostle to the early Christian communities in Galatia. Paul, concerned about the controversy surrounding Gentile Christians and the Mosaic Law, argues that they do not need to adhere to the tenets of the Mosaic Law particularly circumcision by examining the role of the law in light of the revelation of Christ.

Palms Sunday & Easter Sermons

PALM SUNDAY we looked at Christ's Triumphal Entry through another event that occurred a thousand years prior… The Coronation of Solomon in 1 Kings 1:28-40. Our EASTER sermon focuses on the Resurrection chapter in 1 Corinthians 15:35-49 where Paul gives us some idea "What Our Resurrection is Going to Look Like" based on the fact that Christ rose from the dead.


Russ challenges us... Think about your prayer life... Do you know who you are talking to? Do you really think about who your talking to and how you are talking to the God of the universe? Ask yourself, where are you in our prayer life? This sermon teaches us how to walk through building a foundation for a prayer life.

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Living on Mission in Your Hood

Jason and Orlando from Urban Hope Ministry Training Center and Church in Philadelphia challenges us to look at who our heart belongs to and what Jesus wants us to do in our lives. How does he want us to "Live on Mission"?

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Reflections On Our Treasures

Matthew 6:19-21

As we reflect on this passage Jesus seems to discourage storing up treasures on earth as a selfish endeavor, then turns and urges us to treasure up wealth in heaven. As we meditate on why Jesus does this we will see how we can enter into the new year confident in Him and our eternal investment.

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