At Cornerstone we care about...

God’s glory,
not growth

Christ came to glorify His Father in heaven (John 17:1). Our purpose is to glorify God in a world that seems oblivious to His presence (I Pet. 2:9; 4:11).

not tricks or fads

Christ is the eternal truth which sets us free. Human wisdom quickly becomes outdated (John 8:31-32; 14:6). We stand without apology on the abiding truths of God’s Word.

not programs

Christ died for real people, not an organization (Heb. 2:14-17). We do not see people as a means to fulfill institutional goals. Our aim is to love real people with all of their flaws like Christ who loved us in spite of our sin.

not rules

Christ came that we might escape the prison of our sinful self-centered nature and learn to love God and our neighbor, not keep a list of arbitrary man-made rules (Mark 7:6-7; Matt. 22:36-40). Our focus is not on externals but a change of heart in which we serve God out of joy, not obligation.

not showmanship

Christ offered Himself as the bread of life, not religious gimmicks or misleading promises (John 6:35, 66). Our goal is not to entertain people or attract people with market strategies but to lead them to the enduring source of real life and transformation.

not manipulation

Christ came to serve, not be served (Mark 10:45). We don’t want your money or your name to pad our statistics. Instead we want to follow the model of our Savior who sacrificed Himself that others might have life.