Cornerstone Christian Church has been faithfully serving Christ in the heart of Hunterdon County, NJ for well over a century.

Originally started as a Brethren congregation in 1898, the roots of the church go back even farther. The Brethren movement started as a reaction to the prevailing lifeless institutionalism of the existing Reformed and Lutheran churches in Germany in the early 1700’s. A handful of men and women sought to restore a community of faith based on a heartfelt devotion to Christ and implicit obedience to the teachings of the Bible as God’s Word. They were soon persecuted and many immigrated to America in the 1720’s and 30’s. One of the earliest groups settled in Hunterdon County and organized as the Amwell Church of the Brethren. A split in the original group led to the formation of our congregation then known as The First Brethren Church in Sergeantsville, NJ. The Church became a nondenominational congregation in 1999 and adopted its current name soon after. It has been meeting at its current location since 2006. Although the church today is no longer affiliated with the Brethren Church we still share the same foundational convictions and priorities of those early pioneers: a heartfelt devotion to the risen Savior, a devotion expressed in implicit obedience to the teachings of Scripture and a devotion lived out in community with others who share such faith. These distinctives have remained constant through the years. Each Sunday we open God’s Word to be guided by His timeless truth and seek to encourage one another in our walk of faith as others have done for generations. We would love to have you become a part of that rich history.