Christmas Sermons

Two great sermons for Christmas..."The Primacy of Jesus (or Santa vs Jesus)" and "The Tale of Two Mary's". We hope you enjoy them.

The Witness Of God's Glory

Psalm 19:1-4

PK's shares a few random observations that struck him and Cindy in the course of their month long travels and adventures out west and how the function of the natural beauty they witnessed is to declare the glory of God.

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Luke 5

In PK's absence Evan took us on a mini adventure through Luke 5 narrative by narrative. We hope you will join us for all four parts beginning with Part 1 "The All Powerful Messiah Chooses Inadequate men for His Missionary Purposes".

The Theme of God's Sanctuary in the Old Testament

The Theme of God's Sanctuary in the Old Testament is a study that is rarely attempted. The details can threaten to overwhelm the audience. But it's hard to ignore the prominence of this theme because the sanctuary IS quite prominent. In the introduction we will not just look at the study of the movable tabernacle but also how it gave way to the two permanent structures of the OT.

Should Christians be Patriotic...If so How & Why?

Hebrews 11:8-16

In the midst of the political season we look at our attitude toward our country. In Hebrews 11:14 the word “country” means “Fatherland”. Abraham was looking for another country, an eternal one. Our ultimate allegiance is to that heavenly country. It does not mean our earthly citizenship doesn’t matter. Faith in a better country enables us to love and honor our earthly home with all its faults. We are to love and pray for it fervently. If that’s what patriotism means then God calls us to it.

Psalm and Antipsalm 23

Inspired by an article called Antipsalm 23 by Dave Powlison of CCEF, we explore the flip side of Psalm 23 where the writer imagines what life looks like in a world where Psalm 23 is false and untrue. The two psalms represent mutually exclusive ways of interpreting life. Either God exists and the comfort and hope of Psalm 23 becomes a living reality or it ends up dragging us into the despair and hopelessness of the Antipsalm. It is here we begin to see how impactful faith really is on our outlook of life.

The Book of James

Last fall began a new series on The Book of James that carried over into the new year. By way of introduction to this letter we took a look at who the author is, the recipients and what their circumstances were at the time and the contents which covered: trials, temptations, faith & deeds, the character traits of a child of God, wisdom, power of prayer,  the walk of faith and so much more. It was an exciting series!

Palm Sunday & Easter Sermons

Palm Sunday: Luke 19:28-44
Easter Sunday: Ephesians 2:1-9

Two great sermons for Easter. PALM SUNDAY revisits The Triumphal Entry. Here we look at the ultimate... The Creator of the world visited the holy city and they did not recognize the day of their visitation. EASTER SUNDAY looks at The Reality of Faith vs The Demands of Life, our desperate condition, our powerlessness to resolve it and our only hope in the resurrection power.