2018 Clothing Collection for Urban Hope
Sundays May 6, 13, 20 & 27 – Final collection Sunday, June 3

Plans are set for our next Urban Hope Clothing Collection. Their ministry on the streets of Philadelphia continues to grow and is much appreciated by those who have no homes or are addicted to drugs. There is a great deal of need in the Kensington area served by Urban Hope.
We need volunteers and a truck if possible, to transport the items to Urban Hope in Philadelphia early June. If you can help in this way, or have questions see Barb H. in Church Sundays or email her.
For this clothing drive, we DO NOT NEED baby clothes, children’s clothes, or jewelry.

HOW TO BAG UP YOUR ITEMS:  Please separate women’s clothing from men’s clothing. Also, please keep blankets and sheets/pillow cases separate, in their own bag. If you can, label the bags with a piece of masking tape:  Men, Women, or Bedding. If not, just keep the men’s, women’s, and bedding items in separate bags. Remember, toiletries should be kept separate.
ITEMS THAT ARE NEEDED include men’s and women’s clothing (including bras and panties); shoes and sneakers in good condition; women’s purses; men’s socks; BLANKETS especially needed for cold nights and winter. Sweaters and coats are needed year round.
NEW NEEDED ITEMS:  Sheets (and pillow cases) – used not only for sleeping but also as a “roof” over their belongings.
TOILETRIES:  Urban Hope uses ladies handbags as special care packages for the ladies. They fill them with toiletries, feminine products, and bras and panties. For the men, Urban Hope uses gallon zip lock bags to hold toiletries and socks.

Toiletries for Women:  feminine products, deodorant, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, comb.
Toiletries for Men:  deodorant, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, clean socks.
There will be a separate box(es) marked TOILETRIES in the storage closet. Please place the toiletry items in this box in order to keep these items separate from the clothing. It is not necessary to place them in zip lock bags as Urban Hope will sort and prepare the gift bags. If the box is full, place toiletries in the ShopRite bags marked TOILETRIES which are in the “overflow” room across from the Library.
You do NOT need to buy one of each of the toiletry items. You could buy several cakes of soap, or several tubes of toothpaste, or a hair brush, or a package of combs, or several of the items – whatever you want to do will be greatly appreciated!
WHERE TO PLACE YOUR ITEMS AT CHURCH:  Please bring in your clean clothing, etc., packed in boxes or large black plastic bags. The storage will be the closet across from the entrance to the nursery, next to the bathroom at the rear of the Fellowship Hall. Signs will be posted on May 6 to help you find the closet. Please try to stack neatly so as to conserve space. (WHEN THE CLOSET IS FULL, PLACE YOUR DONATIONS IN THE CLASSROOM ACROSS FROM THE LIBRARY.)
Thank you to EVERYONE who helped with our clothing drives in the past, and a big thank you to all who will participate in THIS one! The clothing brings a huge blessing to those in need in Philadelphia!